- Adhesives are substances capable of holding materials together by surface attachment.
- Sealants are materials applied to a joint or gap to form a seal and prevent entry of contaminants.
NAME Description Potential Uses
732 RTV It is paste-like, one-component silicone RTV designed for a wide variety of industrial sealing and adhesive applications. It cures at room temperature by reaction with moisture in the air to produce a durable, flexible silicone rubber - Adhering auto, aircraft and applicance trim, including metal, fabric and fabric-backed plastics
- Bonding gaskets in heating and refrigeration units
- Sealing windows in oven doors and flues on gas appliances, flanged pipe joints and access door
- Providing formed-inplace gaskets for gear boxes, compressors and pumps
- Sealing marine cabins and windows
- Sealing aircraft galleys and interiors
736 RTV It is a one-part, nonslumping paste that cures to a rubbery solid at room temperature on exposure to water vapor in the air. This silicone product is formulated to perform at temperatures ranging from -65 to 260℃ (-85 to 500℉) for continuous operation and to 315℃ (600℉) for intermittent exposure. It can be used for numerous sealing and bonding applications - Sealing and encapsulating heating elements in appliances
- Aerospace gasketing
- Moving oven belts
- Industrial ovens
- Bag filters on smoke stacks
- Other critical bonding, sealing, potting, encapsulating and protective coatings where parts must perform at high temperatures
730 RTV It is a ready-to-use, solventless, nonslumping fluorosilicone rubber paste that reacts with moisture in the air to form a tough, rubbery solid. It is a fluid-resistant material that is ideally suited for use in many applications where resistance to fumes, splash, and sometimes even total immersion in fuels, oils and solvents is needed - Sealing seams on various liquid storage tanks
- Sealing aerospace and automotive fuel lines and tanks
- Providing temporary patch for rubber linings exposed to corrosive conditions
- Sealing pipe joints on lines carrying corrosive chemicals and solvents
- Providing formed-in-place gaskets where irregular shapes and harsh conditions reject ordinary seals
- Bonding or sealing components exposed to moisture, vibration, shock, certain fuels, oils and solvents for long periods of time
734 RTV It is a self-leveling, one-component silicone RTV material. Its low viscosity allows it to fill many crevices and voids in potting and sealing applications. Supplied ready to use in white or clear formulations, this material cures at room temperature to a tough, rubbery solid. - Coating mechanical devices
- Making formed-in-place gaskets
- Sealing ammunition fuses
- Adhere to many common substrates, including metals, ceramics and various plastics
780 RTV It is high performance, neutral cure silicone sealant designed for use in sealing sheet metal and aluminium roofing, flashing, guttering, wall cladding and rainwater accessories. - Sealing refrigerator
- Waterproof sealing of washing machine, vending machine
- Sealing clean room joint
- Automotive glazing
- Sealing marine joint
- Adhering and sealing of various joint
737 RTV It is designed for diverse OEM and assembly applications. General uses include bonding and sealing, formed-in-place gasketing and maintenance applications.
- Sealing refrigerator and freezer liners (however, not FDA-approved for food-contact applications)
- Adhering plastic moldings to plastic substrates for trim applications, decals
- Waterproofing electrical components
- Sealing cozxial connectors
- Protecting instrumentation assemblies
210 RTV - Dimethyl silicone fluid with improved oxidation stability
- Minimal viscosity change when subjected to serve heat and shear stresses
- Mechano-fluid devices and controls
- Heat trandfer fluid in oil baths
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